NETforMUMS is a program started in 2016 on request of mothers of the Singapore Netball Academy players. The program is specifically developed for female adults who enjoy to play Netball.

NETforMUMS is a social recreational initiative for all level players from beginners to advanced players.

You do not have to be a mother and the program is for players age 35 and above.

If your age is below 35 we recommend to join Back2Netball or the Singapore Netball Club

We provide 2 programs:

Evening Program:

Day: Monday evening

Time: 8pm - 10pm
Venue: Sportshub, OCBC Arena, Hall 3 or Kallang Netball Centre
Attire: Anything you feel comfortable.
Cost: Package of $200 for 10 sessions





Morning Program:

Days: Tuesday morning

Time: 9am-11am

Venue: Sportshub, OCBC Arena, Hall 3

Attire: Anything you feel comfortable.

Cost: Package of $200 for 10 sessions



A player must be registered with NETforMUMS to have access to the NETforMUMS netball sessions. The registration is only available online on the NETforMUMS website. The registration is for one term with continuous renewal registrations for new terms.

Trial classes

We do provide trials classes. You can try out if you like our NETforMUMS netball sessions one time. Please sign up and we will send you detailed information about your trial session. The trial session will be one of the normal program sessions of your choice, for you to understand how the NETforMUMS program is conducted. Trial sessions are $20 to be paid before the trial session. For trial sessions you must register online as we do not facilitate random players joining for one session only.



$200 for a package of 10 sessions​


SGNA discount

Players who have a daughter actively playing (during the same term and full SGNA fees paid) in the Singapore Netball Academy get a discount of 50% on 1 package.

Try it out

We provide a one time Try-it-out promotion for Mums of active SGNA players of $70 for 10 sessions.


Payment need to be made before the first session. In case fees are not paid, players will not have access to the training sessions. You must pay for the whole term and we do not accept payment per session.


Once you have paid we will not provide refunds in any case, except for long term injuries.

Terms & Conditions

When you register or renew for another term, you agree to our terms & conditions, registration declaration and code of conduct.

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